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We only work with the best Michigan businesses. Our specialized program promotes Michigan businesses to Michigan lovers around the country.

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Our members rave:

"I love supporting Michigan business."  - Jeremy H

 "I live in Cali and I can’t wait to get my Pactz from the mitten!"  - Cathy M

"I trust Pactz to pick out the best of Michigan and send it my way!"  - Elizabeth K

Why become a Partner?

  • An opportunity to get your Michigan products into the hands of your ideal customer. 
  • We will market and help sell your product for you. 
  • We will professionally package your product, tell our subscribers about it, and encourage them to buy more!
  • Your product needs to reach people at the right time. That’s why we send seasonal packages that tie Michigan’s beautiful four seasons into your products. This helps you interact with our members at the best time.
  • Get your business in front of the right people. Our clients are influencers who want to support local business. Help us increase the favorable opinion of your business by getting your products in front of them, their family and their friends.
  • Setting is of extreme importance when presenting your product to our clients. Giving them an experience at the right place allows us to build you a loyal customer base while increasing immediate sales.

Real Marketing

  • —Experience Marketing is one of the most effective channels for executing a marketing plan and growing your business. 
  • —We don’t call it advertising, we call it real marketing. All of the experiences we create revolve around touching, feeling, seeing, hearing and / or tasting your products.
  • —Our goal is to connect your business to our consumers and create a long-lasting, loyal relationship between you and our consumers.
  • —No pushy sales, and no money being thrown at gimmicky advertising; just your product and a real experience.

Buying Local 

  • —Our subcribers are busy, active people who want to buy local but don’t have the time to search for the latest and greatest Michigan Made products. We want to introduce you to them.
  • —After we introduce you to our clients, we trust they’ll fall in love with your product. This is why we give our clients a simple way to buy more.
  • —Our goal is to grow Michigan-based businesses by spreading their products to people who are interested in buying them.
  • —Let’s put an end to wasteful spending on foreign products and give people an easy way to connect with your business.

How Do You Get Connected?

  • Email us:
  • Size: We do not send "sample sized" products to our customers. We send the real deal, and give them the real experience. 

*Important Note: Our #1 goal is to help you build a lifelong relationship with customers that want to support local businesses who will buy more of your product. Depending on the MSRP of the product, we may consider buying product at your cost, or splitting cost with you. Again, our goal is to get your products into the hands of influencers that will rave about it on social media, buy more, and become a life long customer of yours.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for products that reflects our great state.  We look for Michigan products that:

  • Taste good - baked goods, coffees, spreads, jams, teas and more. 
  • Look good - photography, artists, new designs, clothing, cakes, boutique, hats, bracelets and more. 
  • Feel good - new materials, lotions, scrubs and more. 
  • Smell good - candles, flowers, sprays and more. 
  • Sound good - music, wind chimes, messages and more! 

At the end of the day, we are wide open to sending any product to our subscribers!