8 Things to Help You Enjoy This Pure Michigan Fall

Here's a quick list of 8 products that will help you enjoy this Pure Michigan Fall. The most impressive part of this list is that everything on it is Michigan Made. The second most impressive part of this list is that nothing on it contains Pumpkin Spice (what?!). Click here to buy them all at once and get free shipping.

1.  Shurms Caramel Apple Candy

That's right. Out with pumpkin, in with apple. A true classic, caramel apple flavor. Grab these bite size candies made in small batches in Rochester, MI and taste the true flavor of Fall.

Price: $5

Website: ShurmsCandy.com

Facebook: Click Here

2.  Detroit Organics Hand Sanitizer

Free of harmful chemicals, full of all-natural ingredients. One spray a couple times a day keeps the doctor away. At under $0.01 per spray, how could you not keep this in your fanny pack at all times?

Price: $4

Facebook: Click Here

3.  Mi Coast Stickers

It's common knowledge that the Fall season is better spent in Michigan than anywhere else in the world. Boast that pride with these two fresh sticker designs. Good for windows, cars, offices, mugs, water bottles and more.

Price: $6

Website: MiCoast.com

Instagram: Click Here

4.  Sanders Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Some people snack on these throughout the day, others immediately pour the entire box into their mouth after opening. Both are recommended strategies for consumption.

Price: $7

Website: SandersCandy.com

Facebook: Click Here

5.  Neil Weaver Fall Photograph

Oh gosh, please replace that stale picture you've been staring at for years with this beautiful capture of Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan's Upper Peninsula by Neil Weaver. The colors pop in this 5 x 7 photograph matted on a high quality white 8 x 10 border.

Price: $18

Website: NeilWeaverPhotography.com

Facebook: Click Here

6.  Detroit Bold Coffee

Supercharge the Detroit way with these bold blends roasted right in Highland Park, MI. Detroit Bold will keep you warm this fall. And no, you can't add Pumpkin Spice.

Price: $9

Website: ajscoffeeworks.com

Facebook: Click Here

7.  The "I'm a Michigander" Key Chain Bottle Opener

There's always that one awesome person who comes through in the clutch with a bottle opener when it's needed most. That could be you this Fall. Be better than everyone else with this gadget.

Price: $5

Website: pactz.com

Facebook: Click Here

8.  Pure Michigan Fall Travel Guide

It's worth getting just for the pictures and information. But if you're planning on truly enjoying and traveling throughout Pure Michigan this Fall, grab a Pure Michigan Travel Guide.

Price: Free

Website: Michigan.org

Facebook: Click Here

And that's that. Get your hands on these items separately, or visit our website to get them shipped to you or a loved one in an adorable little package (FREE SHIPPING) for just $49.97. Make somebody's day. Or make your own day. Support Michigan Made.

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Fall Photo by Neil Weaver Photography.