7 Reasons Why Being From Michigan Is The Best

We all know that Michigan is the best state, but sometimes a couple points of proof are necessary when explaining to your out of state friends why being a Michigander is something you take so much pride in. 

So here is goes. The top 7 reasons why Michigan is the best state to call home:

1. Not One But Two

Michigan is the only state to consist of two peninsulas.That's right, 2 amazingly beautiful peninsulas filled with lakes and connected by the best bridge in the United States (Mackinac Bridge).

Sometimes the yoopers (people that live in the upper peninsula) think that us lowers forget about them and don't give the UP enough credit. Not true. The only reason why we don't always mention the UP is because it's impossible to mention without wanting to immediately escape the pressures of the day by hopping in our cars, blasting some music and traveling north until we cross the bridge that leads to nothing but peace and glory. 

2. So Much H20

Our state has the longest freshwater coastline of any political subdivision in the world. We're surrounded by all 5 Great Lakes (that other states foolishly try to claim) and Lake St. Clair. If you're not in Michigan it's hard to imagine exactly how much beauty a lake brings.

Not to worry, we welcome visitors. Not only do we have 5 large ones surrounding us, but we have over 64,000 inland lakes and ponds to boot. In fact, a person is never more than 6 miles from a natural water source. So yea, we have a good time on and around our lakes in the warm weather months.

3. Taste Buddies For Life

The food - you can't beat it. The amount of unbelievably delicious and wide variety of food Michigan restaurants present makes it impossible not to live in a constant state of taste bud pleasure. From the Detroit joints (Pizza Papalis, Slows BBQ, Green Dot Stables, and Lafayette Coney Island) to the many creative eateries around the state (Marie Catrib's, Zingerman's, Trattoria Stella, Ronin), Michigan has it all plus some.

Places like MadCap, the Black Owl Cafe and Roos Roast make it easy and enjoyable to meet up with friends and family on a regular basis. You can eat at The Bar for breakfast, dine Middle Eastern perfection at La Marsa for lunch and follow it up with authentic Mexican at Taqueria Mi Pueblo for dinner. Michigan, your food, it brings me sweet, joyful tears. 

4. Beer You Can Boast About 

In Michigan, gone are the days of being boring with your brew choices. "I'll have a bud light, please." No, you won't. You'll have an All Day IPA, an Oberon, or a Scotty Karate. Ordering water with a splash of hops and calling it a beer just isn't right, not when you've got choices like we've got. Michiganders are sipping their way through the state and making stops at the best breweries in the country (Places like Founders Brewing Company, Bell's Brewery, New Holland Brewing). 

5. Sporting Success  

Michigan is home of "Hey Hey Hockeytown!" and much, much more. The Detroit Red Wings have made the playoffs in 24 consecutive seasons and have won their most recent Stanley Cups in 2008 and 2002.

The Detroit Pistons have also had more than their share of success since the millennium turn with a championship in the '03-'04 season. They represented the hard working city of Detroit well when they beat the star studded lineup of the LA Lakers in 5 games. 

The Detroit Tigers, also famed for post-season success, are the oldest continuous one-name, one-city franchise in the American League. With AL pennants in 1907, 1908, 1909, 1934, 1935, 1940, 1945, 1968, 1984, 2006, and 2012, the Tigers and their classic D logo are wildly popular among many Michiganders. 

The state also houses a couple of the most successful college sports programs in the nation in The University of Michigan and Michigan State University

All-in-all, Michigan is a phenomenal sports state with venues as classic as the Colosseum. Attending a sports game is a must-do if you're visiting the Great Lakes State. 

6. Seasonal Fun

Our Springs are full of hope, flowers, cleanings and prosperity. A Michigan Summer defines life. The Fall screams with color, beauty, and that Pure Michigan feel, while Winter brings out our love for coffee, each other and a toughness that other states just can't understand. 

Some of us love them all, others pick a favorite await its return. Either way, living in Michigan is never boring. Flip-flops one day, snow boots the next. We wear winter coats when it's 55 degrees in October, and shorts and a t-shirt when it's 55 in February. Last December, some of us actually golfed and skied on the same day. Let's be honest, even if you hate the Winter, it really just makes you appreciate Summer that much more. 

From spring flowers and summers on the lake, to apple orchards and sled hills, Michigan keeps you on your toes all year around.   

7. The People

Last and the opposite of least, Michigan breeds excellent people. Forget the endless number of celebrities that are native to the Mitten, the everyday Michigander is passionate, creative and driven.

Michiganders know how to create and cultivate awesome businesses. Awesome people are behind Michigan Made businesses like Shurms, Pop Daddy, Cooper Street Cookies, Detroit Bold, Faygo, Better Made, Little Diablo Salsa, The Gluten Free Bar, Michigan Box Company, Feel Natural Energy, Good Stuff Cacao, Scotty O' Hotty, Mi Coast, Small Moments, I Am Detroit, Vernors, B' Bites, Mel's Toffee, Rustic Maka, Joseph Wesley Tea, Steenstra's, Sew Nifty Thrifty, Easy Peasy Foods, Benjamin Twiggs, Gone Beachin', Just Good Chocolate, McClary Bros., Michigan Mittens, Sanders Candy, Morley Chocolates, The Twisted Pretzel, and The Great Lakes State. 

Mitten natives also know how to capture the moment and the beauty of our great state. With more talented photographers than any other state, there's never a shortage of amazing stills. Professionals like Neil Weaver Photography, John Hill Photos, Michigan Nut Photography, Michigan Nature Photos, Jason McIver Photography, Outdoor Imaging, Michiganders, and Zak Suhar do our state a great service every chance they get. 

There's no bigger pride than Michigan Made, Made in Michigan and Pure Michigan. And that esteem comes from the heart of the people statewide that are proud to have a map on hand at all times.