What is Pactz?

Pactz, pronounced like "packs" and "pacts", is a simple concept: We introduce our subscribers to our favorite Michigan businesses by sending them products in the mail. When we send Michigan Made products to our subscribers, they experience them in the comfort of their own home or office. (See also What We Do)

Why do you do what you do?

We love this state, and we love local business. We wanted to provide an easy way for the average, ultra-busy Michigander to be involved in our local economy. We also wanted to give Michiganders a way to support their home state from afar, in the case that they had to relocate.

What's in our packages?

Everything Michigan, and anything awesome. We find the greatest Michigan stuff and ship it your way. Anything from spreads, jams and baked goods to photographs, clothing, crafts and jewelry. If it is a great Michigan product that we think you would want to know about, we won't turn it down.

When do the packages ship?

The packages ship once a season, four times a year. You will receive a Pure Michigan pack in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  

Can I suggest a product?

Yes please! If there is a Michigan Made product you love, send it to us using the submission form on the contact page.  

Do I have to pay to keep the content of the packages?

Absolutely not. The packages are put together for you to enjoy. We send you products, product descriptions and a way to buy more. Our goal is to introduce you to Michigan Made products that you will love for life. You simply pay for a subscription and enjoy all the products we send! 

How many packages will I receive? 

You will receive at least four (4) packages a year. Each package is tailored around each season. We don't send a package every month because we want to keep your costs down. We also want to make sure we are sending you an excellent package every season.

What types of items are in the packages? 

We just love Michigan products. We look for things like coffees, teas, cookies, jams, clothing, photos, art, jewelry and much more! If it is a quality Michigan Made product, we send it your way.

Can I cancel my subscription? 

Anytime. You are our #1 priority. If you are not happy, we are not happy either.

What if I want to subscribe 10+ people? 

Please contact us for group rates, we'd love to work with you to accommodate all requests!

Can I send your packages as a gift?

Yes! See our subscribe page, and make sure to contact us with any questions or special requests.