What Pactz Is All About?

We love Michigan, and know you do too. Pactz is all about connecting you with the best Michigan products. Whether you live in state or out-of-state, we'll deliver a new experience to your doorstep that will remind you why you love the Great Lakes State. So stay connected to your roots throughout your busy lifestyle, and subscribe to Pactz today!

Helping Michigan Small Businesses Grow

Pactz provides its subscribers with a unique experience while helping Michigan small businesses grow. If you like unwrapping packages, supporting local small businesses, receiving professional service, helping the Michigan economy grow and experiencing pure Michigan, you will love Pactz! 

Enjoy A New Package Every Season

There is a reason why we send you a package every season. Michigan is known for its four beautiful seasons, and we've taken this opportunity to shape our packs likewise. You can be anywhere and still experience the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons of Michigan.

Experience Michigan In Any State

You love Michigan but do not currently reside here? No problem! A Pactz subscription is the ideal way to continue experiencing Pure Michigan. When your Pactz package arrives at your doorstep, your senses will be sparked once again for the four beautiful seasons in The Mitten!


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